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             Unified Communications as a Service:                    UCaaS

Kirkland Insurance Agency

The Kirkland Insurance Agency was overloaded with more phone calls than its current system could process.  When the current three lines were being used, no one could facilitate additional calls in or out of the phone system.
The owner also needed to know the status of her daily business and her staff's activities whether or not she was on the premises. 

This new phone system organizes the entire process so that an infinite number of calls simultaneously can be received.  When calls are missed, the personnel have immediate retrieval for a quick return contact.

All phone calls are recorded for information and security purposes.  Search capabilities are included to enhance staffing needs and to train new team members. 

Aqua View Motel

Motel phone systems are a continuous challenge because of the ratio of "trunks" to rooms.  A ratio of 1 to 10 means that each outgoing call from the motel blocks 50% of the available trunks.

Adding more "trunks" is costly, especially if there is an extended "off" season.  Aqua View employs "internet trunking" (SIP Lines) from an SIP "trunk" provider that offers a process called "bursting".  When the "trunks" are used, more talk paths are created on an "as needed" basis.  Today an infinite number of guests can use the phone system simultaneously, and the busy signals on incoming calls disappear.

The SIP "trunks" facilitate more inbound calls, and Aqua View's IVR feature on the MyPBS allows for increased call volume to be processed.  Calls answered by the IVR are routed based on the type of call received:  Does the caller wish to receive the standard greeting and be connected to the operator and then the front desk? Has the caller directly dialed the room?  Calls coming in "after hours" are directed to the Front Desk phone's voicemail.