Standard hotel features are available such as Voicemail to the rooms and Message waiting lights, as well as automatic wakeup calls.

                Room conditions can be accounted for, such as, clean room, dirty room, or maintenance lockout.

                Ease of use was a major factor in this deployment. The user interface makes this a very easy system to install and setup. Cristie sat down and setup her rooms in the Hotel module while I was finishing the install.

                The MyPBX with Hotel option allows both large and small hotels to update their PBX at a price that makes sense in today’s market.


MyPBX helps Aqua View motel, located in Panama City Beach, Florida, USA, keep up with the competition using advanced VoIP features and SiP trunking.​

If the caller has called in on the 800 “toll Free” number, they are routed to a reservations greeting. Usage is paid for by the motel, so guests are not allowed to be directed to the rooms when calling the 800 number. They are routed to a reservations greeting and immediately sent to a queue, where they will get updates to their position and hold times while listening to music. The calls are fed to the reservations phones in an organized and orderly fashion allowing for a wrap up period between calls. 

Phone systems have been a challenge in that the number of lines available on a small system  in the typical 1 to 10 ratio of trunks to rooms , would mean that each call made from the motel would block 50% of the available trunks. Just adding more trunks is costly, when you consider having to pay for them in an off season.  Aqua View has solved this problem by employing Internet Trunking (SIP Lines) from a SIP trunk provider that provides a feature called “bursting”. As the trunks are used more talk paths are provided on an as needed basis. This has effectively allowed any number of guests to use the phone system at the same time, anytime; all while eliminating busy signals on incoming calls.

U100 MyPBX was installed to replace the Mitel SX50

The existing cabling and in place telephones with message waiting lights were used, by installing a 24 port NEOgate FXS gateway. This kept installation and deployment to a minimum as well as keeping the price of the system very affordable.

A Yealink T48G Touch screen telephone was used for the front desk. The Phone was programmed as a hotel console, showing Line status, Room phones BLF, Park Buttons. This setup made it possible to know the condition of the room phones and Line usage while keeping the front desk computer busy with the PMS program.  The Hotel module is only a click away when needed.

There was a second Yealink T48G phone installed, as a remote phone, in the owners home along with another computer  to run WebRezPro. This allows complete front desk operations from either location.

To allow even more flexibility, a Yealink  W52P SIP Cordless Phone System was installed  to allow calls to be answered from anywhere on the property.

Aqua View has used the IVR feature on the MyPBX that allows them to process the greater call volume generated by the ability of the SIP trunks to provide more inbound calls. The calls are answered by the IVR and are routed depending in the type of call that it is receiving. A call to the main local number is routed to the standard greeting, giving the caller the option of dialing “0” for the front desk or if they know the room number of the guest they are calling, they can be directed automatically. “After hours” calls to the front desk are directed to the Voice mail of the front desk phone.

Any small Motel has the challenge of maximizing limited resources to provide for an ever increasing level of customer service. Just because this is a small motel doesn’t mean the customers are any less demanding!


MyPBX Case Study-Aqua View Motel