It is our pleasure to quote you a price on our products and/or services.

First we will need to know what you want.

For example,

In order for us to quote you a price on a phone system, we will need to know how many phones you are using now, and if you will need more for this quote.

We will also need to know how many phones lines you are using now and if you plan to expand in the near future.

Additionally, I will need to know who your internet service provider is and what internet speed you are currently using. We will be providing you will a quote that will include “SIP trunking” which is dial tone over your internet connection normally at a much cheaper price than your telephone provider can offer over copper lines.

Sometimes, depending on your campus setup, or number of offices you may have, we will offer you a hosted system. Many companies will offer you only one or the other-we will look at both options and, together, make a decision based on what your needs are, taking into consideration price, redundancy, internet availability, and a host of other variables that may come up.

The main thing is to give us good contact info so we can talk and fill in any missing info.

Quote Request